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Here at Fantasy Sports 4u we strive to offer competitive games for the casual and experienced fantasy sports gamer. As a fellow sports gamer myself, and a fantasy commissioner for over 15 years I feel confident we have what it takes to make your gaming experience with us enjoyable and fun. I also feel we have the voice of fantasy sports players in mind, as we will be offering not only full season leagues but also weekly leagues. I myself along with many other fantasy players realize sometimes your draft doesn’t quite work out the way you had hoped, and then find yourself wishing you had another chance to draft again. Our weekly leagues would be the answer, as you would always find a new league to join week after week while finding that perfect draft formula to win.


Not only will you find great gaming here at Fantasy Sports 4u, we will also offer exciting features like weekly fantasy sports articles written by experienced writers for all the sporting games we offer . We will also have daily sports feeds which will keep you up to date on news from your sport of choice. You need your daily stats? We have them! Quick reliable updates for all sports on our site. We will even be offering LIVE golf stats for those that join our unique golf games. I realize how important it is to provide timely and accurate stats and here you will find just that. And last but surely not least will be the prizes! You can rest assure that all winners will be paid in a timely manner and win prizes that will be on par with other gaming sites.

So whether you choose a full season league or a weekly league our promise to you is that we will produce some of the most exciting games offered in this industry.

Douglas Riley, CEO Fantasysports4u.com


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